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Need to change your ski goggle lens?

Your snow goggles may be scratched yet that's not a good reason to throw it away. Better check our spare lens department corner and find a replacement lens for your ski goggles.

What goggle lens is right for my Oakley snow goggles?

Basic rule: each goggle has its own lens. With Oakley, you need to pick a lens that fits your snow goggles. For instance, a Canopy Prizm lens does not comply with a Flight Deck goggle or with a Oakley O2 goggle. Same applies to the Crowbar versions or the Frame 2.0 models. So, when you have picked the right lens, just pick the colour you need to make sure you can face the light conditions with style.

What lens for your Anon goggles?

At Glisshop, we have spare lenses available for your damaged Anon M1 or M2 goggles. Easily swappable, these lenses are available in several colours, each suited for specific light conditions.

Looking for an extra Smith snow goggles?

Depending on the model you have, you'll need to pick a lens or another that complies with your goggles. Some lenses are designed for the notorious I/O goggles, some others are designed for the I/OS goggles or for the I/O7 or I/OX. Whichever you need, all of them block 100% of the UVAs and they ensure the best protection ever. Ride safe, cover your eyes!